Friday, October 27, 2006

The Beast

An electrifying chill went through her body.
There was a woman….something on top of Mark that looked to be fucking him.
He was screaming at the top of his lungs with his arms in the air, fingers twisting towards the ceiling.
The thing was driving into him so hard the bed was buckling under the strain.
Betty inched her way towards the bed and could now see the face of the woman.
She let out a loud shrilling scream.
The creature took off across the room in a flash and out the window sending Betty flying backwards and smashing into the dresser as she went by.

Her eyes opened to a bright light being shone in them.
In a daze she looked around her surroundings, she was in an ambulance, the female paramedic was saying something to her but she couldn’t hear a word.
Her mind was……..
Mark, where was Mark?
She went to get up but was pushed back down by the paramedic.
Betty fought back but then a second paramedic came and while one held her down the other gave her a shot of something and she started getting tired……..

She ran down the side of the building like a sprinter across a track..
Reaching the ally below she slid down the sewer and darted into the distant darkness.
Deep into the sewer, she slipped through a crevice in the wall and descended deeper into the earth.
She ran at full speed for half an hour until a glow appeared far ahead.
She slowed to a walk and cautiously entered a huge cavern.
Her red eyes scanned the area looking to make sure she was alone.
This was the first time that anyone had ever seen her this close.
Never before had she left someone alive to speak of what they seen but that shrilling sound was like a spike that drove into her brain.
She walked over to the pool of water and looked down at her reflection….then it came to her….she left the box behind.
Her heart started pounding faster.
She had to go back and get it before someone found it.
Getting up she took two steps and stopped.
She reached down between her legs and pulled out a severed cock.
Tossing it aside she headed back in the direction she entered the cavern from.
It took her longer to get back that it did during her escape.
She came out of a sewer a couple of blocks from the one she first went down.
Walking to the corner she was almost hit by an ambulance that sped by with the sirens blaring.
Taking a better look around this time she walked across the street and towards the gathering crowd around the entrance of the building.
It was obvious she was late but still, the box might still be there.
She walked up to the policeman standing near the entrance.

He was stuck at the door doing crowd control while everyone else was out there looking for a killer.
He was pushing back some reporters that had gotten to close when she came up to him.
She was gorgeous.
Tall, nice big tits just pushing at what little material held them back to escape.
Her eyes were like to emeralds sparkling at him.
She walked up, smiled at him and asked what had happened?
He told her that someo0ne had murdered an old man and mutilated him up on the tenth floor.
Her hand went to her mouth in shock but he assured her that she was safe with him around.
She asked him if she could go up into her apartment on the fourth floor her hand touched his arm and he felt his cock getting hard.
He wanted to tell her that she couldn’t go but instead found himself holding the door open for her.
She stopped at the door, thanked him and gave his hard cock a squeeze then walked in.
He stood there lost in his pants as she went down the foyer.
Taking the stairs she made her way up slowly to the tenth floor.
Opening up the door she saw the hallway was swarming with people.
She could easily kill them all but it would create a bigger problem so she decided to wait them out and then go in and retrieve the box.

Betty woke up in the hospital groggy and lost.
A nurse came in and seeing her awake she went back outside and came in with a man wearing a suit reeking of aftershave.
He introduced himself as a detective and asked her if she was ok to answer some questions at this moment while everything was still fresh in her mind.
She almost burst out laughing.
As far as she was concerned, she was out of her mind.
He asked her what she was doing in the apartment?
She told him about Mark and how sick he had been for the last week and couldn’t go to work so she was coming by to see how he was and to bring him some soup.
The detective looked ay her and asked what kid of work Mark did for someo0ne his age.
She told him what Mark did and what most of them did was the same.
The detective told her for a man of his years he was surprised he hadn’t retired yet.
She told him Mark was only 32 and nowhere near retirement.
The detective had a puzzled look on his face and asked if Mark lived with an older man?
Mark lived alone she said and had no family in this city as far as she knew.
The detective asked her what she saw?
She told him the story about walking in and seeing a woman or what looked like a woman.
She was tall and her skin was gray, she had red eyes and long claws too.

The detective just looked at her.
He was thinking she was delusional.
It was obvious she was in shock and when they found her she was unconscious from a blow and was probably suffering form a concussion.
When the officers responded to a phone call reporting a strange person standing outside a tenants apartment the found her inside unconscious of the bedroom floor and an old man dead in bed with his penis missing.
He would be charging her if it wasn’t fir the fact that she had no blood on her.
There was such a mess in the bed, she couldn’t have not have gotten some on her if she had done it.
Just then an officer came in carrying her backpack.
He told her they found it in the apartment with her identification in it so they put the stuff back in and brought it to her because the they were sealing the apartment until forensics could finish.
He didn’t want her to be inconvenienced since she had already gone through so much.
She thanked them and the detective put it in the locker beside her bed.

She waited on the roof until 2am for the last of the police to leave.
On all fours she walked down to the tenth floor and into the apartment from the window.
She went into the bedroom, her heart was racing again but not from the possible danger but by the memory of the past night.
Her veins swelled with energy at the impending influx of life she will receive when she retrieves the box.
In the bedroom she went to the dresser where she left the box.
The dresser was smashed.
She searched all around it but it wasn’t there.
She started throwing things around the room looking for the box.
They must have found it.
Now what?

See you at the stroke of midnight